The Wonder of God’s Love

We read in 1 John 4:9, “In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.”  God loves us in sending Jesus into our world.  God’s love is active.  He could have just sent a memo; but instead, he embodied love by coming in the person of Jesus.

God’s love broke through our world, as Jesus came to us as a child born in Bethlehem.  God’s love has intersected our world and our individual and collective lives in the person of Jesus.  Jesus stands at the fulcrum of history.  We have a glimpse of God, as we focus on Jesus Christ.  God’s love reaches us wherever we are.  And that love has no limits.

A four-year-old boy by the name of Ashton loves the movie Toy Story 2, particularly the space ranger hero, Buzz Lightyear.  During Ashton’s Sunday school, he and the other students were learning that God’s love has no limits.  At the end of class, the teacher, reviewing the lesson, asked, “So, how much does God love us?”  Quoting Buzz’s big line in the film, Ashton replied, “To infinity and beyond!”

God’s love breaks through a world of darkness and evil and self-centeredness and pride.  God’s love transcends our pain and our hurts.  Sometimes as human beings we have a hard time admitting our need for God.  But God’s love extends to us, even when we do not acknowledge our need.  God loves us with endless love.

God’s love also provides a glimpse of how we are to live.  Our lives ought to demonstrate kindness, generosity, and service to others.  At Christmas, as through the entire year, John expects that as Christians we will give of ourselves to others.    May we look to others during this holy season, and may we share the Gospel with joy!

Sunday Worship

Pastor Glen’s sermon on Christmas Day is entitled, “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” based upon the hymn of the same name and Luke 2:12-15.  Please read this text, as well as the hymn lyrics in preparation for worship.

Adult Sunday School

There will be no adult Sunday school on Christmas Day.  We will resume on New Year’s Day!

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service will be at 5:00 p.m. at the church facility!  PLEASE COME and INVITE your unchurched friends to join you!!

Tithes and Offerings

An offering box is available when you enter or exit the sanctuary.  Additionally, online giving opportunities are available on the website.

Prayer Concerns and Praise Reports

If you have any concerns you would like to add to the Prayer Concerns and Praise Reports list or give an update, PLEASE contact our prayer coordinator, Janet Coiner (540.447.0918) by THURSDAY at NOON!!  Thanks so much!!

Mission Corner

Missions Team is active keeping in touch with our missionaries and other ministries.  Please keep updated!  You can visit our website and go to the Outreach page

November Financial Report

Offerings: Monthly: $12,692           YTD: $170,124.60

Expenses: Monthly: $14,029.31      YTD: $167,843.35

We have also received monies designated for our capital campaign and restricted giving.  In November we received $7,000.00 for our capital campaign.

Sent Lab

Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Greenwood will be hosting an 8-week SENT LAB, beginning Wednesday, January 4.  Equipping opportunity for ways to witness to the Gospel and make disciples in the context of community.  The facilitator will be Pastor Shane Lilly, former associate pastor of Church on the Hill in Fishersville, who is currently practicing the principles of the LAB to bring non-church people into the Kingdom to be equipped to make disciples.   Cost is only $12 for the Send manual.

December Birthdays

Cliff Scott (12/28)