Remembering God’s Wondrous Acts

Two elderly women at a church in Kentucky were discussing the problems of growing older.  One of the ladies commented, “The worst thing about getting older is when your memory […]

Chosen by God

This Sunday we are beginning our eight-week journey, reflecting on the life of Jesus through the eyes of the wonderful TV series, The Chosen!  The Bible study prepared for this […]


According to the Christian calendar, today is Ash Wednesday.  Today begins the season of Lent, which continues for forty days and six Sundays prior to Easter Day!  Lent comes from […]

Seeking the Lord is ESSENTIAL

Are you experiencing stress in your life?  There are so many unknowns in our world these days.  In these times when we feel anxious or burdened, it is critical for […]

The Faithful Servant

If someone wrote your biography on the basis of your checkbook or your income-tax return, what would it say about you – your loyalties, your focus, your priorities, and about […]

Looking for Commitment

God is looking for committed men and women, boys and girls.  It is never too late to be used by God.  Moses was eighty years old when God challenged him.  […]

God’s Masterpiece

Did you ever consider how artistic God is?  From beautiful landscapes (which we enjoy all the time in the Shenandoah Valley!) to sunrises and sunsets, and the moon and the […]

Gaining Weight

Did any of you gain weight during the holidays?  I have good news for you . . . Jesus tells his disciples to GAIN WEIGHT!  Finally, God is telling us […]

Altars of Worship

Our vision of “being and making disciples” starts with glorifying God in dynamic worship!  Worship is central to who we are as followers of Jesus!  Genuine worship takes place in […]

Grace in Place of Grace

We have just celebrated Christmas, a season of remembering the Incarnation!  When the Word became flesh, Christ (the eternal Logos, as we read in John 1) came to earth as […]