Gaining Weight

Did any of you gain weight during the holidays?  I have good news for you . . . Jesus tells his disciples to GAIN WEIGHT!  Finally, God is telling us […]

Altars of Worship

Our vision of “being and making disciples” starts with glorifying God in dynamic worship!  Worship is central to who we are as followers of Jesus!  Genuine worship takes place in […]

Grace in Place of Grace

We have just celebrated Christmas, a season of remembering the Incarnation!  When the Word became flesh, Christ (the eternal Logos, as we read in John 1) came to earth as […]

The Great King

Who would you say is the greatest leader in the world today?  I would like us, especially during this Christmas season to focus on the GREATEST leader in the history […]

God’s Plan

When I used to fly an airplane, I enjoyed taking off and flying out east of Cincinnati.  If I followed the Ohio River, I would often be heading in the […]

Stepping Out in Faith

Pastor Glen’s Blog As you examine your life, would you say with confidence that you are a person of faith?  I don’t mean are you a member of a church.  […]

Looking Back – Looking Forward!

As we continue in the Advent season, we are waiting for an arrival – that is what “Advent” means.   It comes from the Latin word, “advenio,” which literally means “to come.”  Normally [...]

November 12, 2020

PASTOR GLEN’S BLOG Last week we set our clocks back one hour as daylight savings time ended.  As I thought about that it occurred to me how precious the commodity of […]