Where is Your Treasure?

Jesus instructs the “rich young man” in Matthew 19:21, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor.”  At first glance, this may sound […]

Gratitude Changes Everything

Are you a thankful person?  One of the ways we honor God is by saying Thank you to Him and to others!  That’s the essence of thanksgiving for us as […]

Caring for One Another

Can you imagine a church where people are suing one another in civil matters; attending parties where they are honoring false gods; involving themselves in gross immorality, and the church […]

Seeking God

Do you honestly seek after God?  If we are honest with ourselves, most of us do not consistently seek God.  We must acknowledge that no one actually seeks God on […]

Is Your Faith Futile?

The great affirmation of the Church through the centuries has been an affirmation reserved not just for Easter Day but to every time the people of God gather in worship. […]

Obediently Following Jesus

Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  As we look back at that historic event, we read in Matthew 21 that as Jesus and his disciples approached Jerusalem and […]

The Meaning of Salvation

Did you ever wonder why God didn’t strike Adam and Eve dead on the spot after they ate from the forbidden tree?  While God graciously didn’t strike them dead the […]

In the Grip of God

From the standpoint of eternity there are really only two kinds of people: the sheep of Jesus, and those who are not His sheep.  People are sheep because God acts. […]

From Where Does My Help Come?

One of my close friends has gone through significant challenges in his life.  His mother was killed tragically when he was a boy.  His twin brother (and only sibling) was […]


We read in Acts 1:8, “You will be my witnesses.”  That’s what evangelism means. Evangelism is taken from the Greek word, euangelion, which simply means good news.  So, evangelism is announcing […]