There are many ways you can get involved with Hope Community Church. If you find an area below that sounds interesting, please reach out – we would love to hear from you!

Women’s Ministry

Debby Ray, Candi Brown, Betty Mahanes, Marty Porter

Web Site

Do you have a gift for graphic design? Would you like to share your creative talents on the web team? If so, please contact Kim Holman

Administrative Assistance

Hank Coffey provides much needed administrative assistance to HCC. If this is an area you would like to assist with, please let Hank know.

Hope Community Driver Assistance 

Arnie Doyle, Marty Porter, Harold Coiner, Tom Reider, Tim Stewart, Cliff Scott

Cleaning Ministry

Ted Brown, Hank Coffey, Tom Reider, Albert Danraj, John Severs

Sound & Technology Team

Seth Rank, Nina Gross, Laurie Bame, andTyler Bouthillier


Ted Brown, Candi Brown, Nina Gross

Mission Team

Meets once per month.

Arnie Doyle, Kim Holman, Kathy Doyle, Pat Layne, Candi Brown, Tim Stewart, Ted Brown

Caring Calls

Glen Holman, Tim Stewart, Cliff Scott

Facilities Maintenance

Harold Coiner, Roger Graham, Blake Porter


Front row: Tina Norcross, Marty Porter, Debby Ray, Janet Coiner

Back row: Harold Coiner, Richard Ammons, Bob Simmons, Steve Ray, Blake Porter, Ted Brown

Weekly Prayer List

Janet Coiner & Tim Stewart

Prayer Ministry

Glen Holman, Albert Danraj, Lowell Gross

Christmas & Easter Flower Committee

Betty Mahanes & Debby Ray

Decorating & Design

Debby Ray, Betty Mahanes, Sarah Todd Severs


Do you enjoy social media? Do you like communicating the latest events happening at Hope Community Church? Get in touch with Tyler Bouthiller and learn how you can support our Facebook page

Attendance Record

Each Sunday, Kim Holman enters our church attendance. If you would like to take attendance, please let Kim know.

Adult Sunday School

Janet Coiner & Lowell Gross

Sounds of Hope

See Don Coffey, Director, if interested. Rehearsal is Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Caring & Compassion Ministry and Caregiving Relief Ministry

See Marty Porter if you are interested in being part of this new ministry.

Communion Preparation

Arnie & Kathy Doyle


Kathy Doyle, Helen Ammons, Arnie Doyle, Marty Porter, Bob Simmons, Sara Todd Severs

Golden Oldies

Harold & Janet Coiner

Safety Team

Bob Simmons, Ted Brown, Blake Porter, Tina Norcross, Rod Campbell, Debby Ray, Steve Ray, Harold Coiner, Richard Ammons

Worship Team

See Nina Gross or Orville Bame if you are interesting in participating.

Nina Gross, Orville Bame, Cliff Scott, Bill Watkins, Candi Brown, Gail Fisher, Kerry Keyes, Dianne Stewart