Our Discipleship Strategy

At Hope, we are passionate about encouraging people to enjoy the fullness of knowing, loving and becoming like Jesus.  We do that through our discipleship process.

We start by GLORIFYING GOD through dynamic worship;

then we GROW in relation to God and other Jesus followers;

and then we GO by serving and sharing the gospel.

The next steps on this page provide a path to knowing, loving, and becoming like Jesus. What’s your next step?

Salt Shakers

Salt Shakers is a group of 7-10 people who get together for dinner 4-6 times over a 6 month time frame. The intention is for people at Hope Community Church to get to know each other better. Typically, the host will choose an entree, and others will bring sides, salads, or desserts. Groups have also met at a local restaurant to try something new. If you are interested, please let Glen Holman know.


Are you looking for a good resource to share with your children? Check out Bible Mom by Liza Peltola.