We hope you were able to participate with us in our most recent 8-week, all-church Bible study utilizing The Chosen series. You can watch all of the videos free, online at VidAngel.

Our Discipleship Strategy

At Hope, we are passionate about encouraging people to enjoy the fullness of knowing, loving and becoming like Jesus.  We do that through our discipleship process.

We start by GLORIFYING GOD through dynamic worship;

then we GROW in relation to God and other Jesus followers;

and then we GO by serving and sharing the gospel.

The next steps on this page provide a path to knowing, loving, and becoming like Jesus. What’s your next step?

Discipleship Triads

To be honest: knowing, loving, and becoming like Jesus isn’t easy.  After all, He asks us to live differently from the culture around us – exchanging our preferences and comforts for His priorities.  Participating in worship services teaches us what that actually looks like; engaging in community through discipleship triads and other life groups helps us practice doing it.

Men’s Bible Study

Every Tuesday morning, 7:00 AM, at Panera Bread, men can join us for a non-denominational study. This group of men support each other, pray for each other, and grow deeper in their faith together.

The Men’s Call

Saturday Mornings @7:58am
Join us and invite a friend!
Access Code 267097#
Although this is not sponsored by HCC, several men from HCC participate and occasionally provide the message.