Computer Viruses

I wonder how many of you have had a virus.  Have you ever had a computer virus, which wreaked havoc on your computer?  There are actually people who intentionally write viruses to infect computers.  They are often called “hackers.”  One virus which was developed is called “MyDoom”.  MyDoom is considered to be the most damaging virus ever released – and with a name like MyDoom would you expect anything less?

Computer viruses are a lot like false teachings about God: they destroy what is valuable.  We should not be surprised by false teachings.  Jesus and the apostles were clear that false teaching will occur. We read in Mark 13:22-23: “For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, the elect.  But be on guard; I have told you all things beforehand.”  These teachings intentionally pump error into the world to deceive and destroy people.

John MacArthur states in his study Bible, “Nothing is more wicked than for someone to claim to speak for God to the salvation of souls when in reality he speaks for Satan to the damnation of souls.”  Those who promote heresy are the ultimate terrorists in our world.  They deceive people to follow a path that leads to the eternal terrors of hell.  Because we are staying in tune with the truth of God’s Word, may we not be deceived by the false teachers and false teaching so prevalent in our world!  

Sunday Worship

Pastor Glen is continuing a series of messages on the Great Commission, specifically Matthew 28:16-20.  This Sunday’s sermon is entitled, “All Authority,” based upon Matthew 28:18.  Please read Matthew 28 in preparation for worship!

An offering plate is available when you enter the sanctuary. Additionally, online giving opportunities are available on the website.


We are pleased to offer a nursery for children through pre-school.  The nursery is in the Sunday school area, and there is a check-in area at the door of the nursery.

Training2Send Class

We are excited to offer the wonderful eleven-week class, Training2Send.  The purpose of this class as described on the website: “To provide reproducible training that teaches the foundational, biblical doctrines necessary to make disciples. The goal of Training2Send is to produce trainers, individuals, who will go and disciple others while continuing to work to multiply the Kingdom.

The first class was on Wednesday, July 7th, at 6:30 p.m.  We had SEVENTEEN members of the class, including the trainers, Bill and Cynthia McCaskill!!  The class will continue each Wednesday through September 15th.  Please keep all those participating in this class and those who are training in your prayers!

Special Offering for the Justines

If anyone is interested in contributing to a special offering to help offset the additional costs the Justines will incur by having to quarantine when they arrive back in Thailand in September, please make contributions, indicating “Special Offering for Justines” on a check or a note.

Outside Workday

Since our last workday was rained out, we will have another outside workday on Saturday, July 24th, beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Please mark your calendars now for that time of cleaning up the outside of our building.

July Birthdays

Kristen Adams (7/16); Helen Wilson (7/21); Marty Porter and Nina Gross (7/27); Bill Watkins and Ted Brown (7/31)