Women’s Events


Christmas Cookie Exchange

The women of the church gathered at Panera the first Sunday in December to exchange cookies with each other, but also to send cookies to the various police and fire departments in the area.


Finding the Son in the Mist of the Storm was held on October 8th from 10 am  to noon.  Our guest speaker was Nancy Jiunta Shomo.  Nancy is the Coordinator of  Bereavement Services with SRMH Behavioral Health.  She has a passion for reaching out to women who have experienced loss and grief.  She will spoke on practical ways to deal with loss. Her message was inspiring as she spoke about Finding the Son in the Mist of the Storm.

Spring 2016

Step It Up A Notch Women's Meeting Saturday, May 21

2015 Blue Ridge Ladies’ Retreat

 “Fear Not” Living A Life of Faith In A Fearful Age

April 10th and 11th
Blue Ridge Ladies gathered at Eagle Erie in Lynchburg for a weekend of worship and fellowship.  Words of encouragement were presented by Dr. Chris Buckingham.

Intimacy with the Father   Women’s Retreat

Our first HCC Women’s Retreat was October 24th and 25th. We stayed at Lake Forest Lodge in Love, VA. Speakers were–Jill Hatter, Lynn Ainsworth, and Susan Killingsworth.