March 5, 2015


CRU – Ramsey & Heather Persing

CRUEvery New Year, we have our annual Mid-Atlantic regional conference for students from Pennsylvania to Virginia called RADIATE. At the conference 24 committed their lives to Christ for the first time, 105 committed to at least a year of full-time ministry after college, and 741 pledged to follow God’s calling wherever He leads them.  The theme for this year’s conference was Anchored. We wanted to help students be anchored in the Gospel and grow closer to Jesus. It was exciting to see 3 students attend the conference from VCU as we just started a ministry there this past fall. One of those students, Javisa became interested in Christianity as she heard about Cru at the start of the semester. She decided to spend 4 days of her break with Cru at RADIATE. While there she made a decision to follow Christ for the first time!

  • Pray for Javisa and Zuh as they begin to grow in their walks with Jesus at the recent CRU “Radiate” Conference.
  • Pray that we will reach many new students in 2015
  • Praise that we were able to find such a great deal on a used minivan.

And Make Disciples

THIS SUNDAY Pastor Glen will continue his series on the Acts of the Apostles with the message entitled, “The Model of a Healthy Church” focusing on Acts 2:42-47. We will be focusing on the importance of genuine fellowship in our lives.

Men’s Bible Study will continue next Wednesday (March 11th) at 7:00 a.m. at Jim Heafner’s home (607 Oak Avenue); men are encouraged to arrive earlier (6:45) for breakfast! Men are studying the Acts of the Apostles, partly in conjunction with the sermon series. Pastor Glen will be leading the majority of these studies. Next Wednesday the study will pick up at Acts 3:11

Women’s Retreat – Ladies, mark your calendars now for the EPC Women’s Retreat, April 10-11 at Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center in Lynchburg. The speaker will be Chris Buckingham, and the topic will be, “Fear Not: Living the Life of Faith in a Fearful Age.” All Women are encouraged to attend. A fundraiser to help with scholarships to the retreat is underway with Boot toppers ($10) and head warmers ($5). Please contact Marty Porter or Nina Gross if you have any questions.

Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 at Panera Bread will continue their study of James next Wednesday. All women are invited to participate in this exciting study!

 Home Groups – if you are not currently in a small home group and are interested in being in one, please contact Pastor Glen or Lynn Scott, our Small Group Coordinator. As a congregation, one of our goals is to have at least 50% of our members involved in a small group.


 Another Work Day – we will meet at the Church of the Brethren this Saturday (March 7th) at 9:00 a.m. to complete the painting of the two Sunday school rooms! If you are able to assist even for an hour or so, it would be greatly appreciated!

Prayer Walks – will be commencing the week of March 15th! Teams of 2-3 will be walking the streets in the neighborhood of the Brethren Church to pray for the people in these neighborhoods. There will be a sign-up sheet available to sign up for the street(s) you would like to walk and the time you would be available. One of the greatest things we can do is pray for our neighbors!

POWER OF HOPE SUNDAY – Mark your calendars NOW for this exciting all-congregation outreach event – March 22nd. We will be distributing 9 Volt batteries with a card, sharing about our congregation and inviting people to join us for worship. We will gather on March 22nd, spend time in brief worship prayer and then be given instructions for distributing these gifts for our neighbors. We will return to the Brethren Church for a simple meal and a time of sharing stories of seeing Good at work!

Children’s Ministry – Two additional people are needed to volunteer for the children’s ministry in the nursery once a month. Also, if anyone is willing to be a substitute for Susan Killingsworth with the youth when she is unavailable, PLEASE let Kelly King know. Thanks!

Other Opportunities for Outreach in our Community

  • ANM – Packing boxes, Mon. thru Sat. – talk to Glen
  • Comfort Care – Helping with a 5K run, May 9th – talk to Kim
  • WRE – Listening to youth give memory verses, March 11 and in May – talk to Cliff
  • Young Life – trucks needed to deliver mulch – talk to Kristen
  • Young Lives – Holding and rocking infants, Mon. nights 6:30-8 – talk to Pat

PLEASE be aware of our church web site: And please use this excellent resource!! J 

Prayers of HCC:  

Mary Jane & Hunter “Pete” Trimble – please pray for Mary Jane as she recovers from a heart incident and as Pete recovers from surgery

Wes & Jackie Howard Family – please pray for Wes & Jackie and especially their daughter, Heidi Hutson, in the unexpected loss of Heidi’s husband, Dave, after a heart attack recently;

John Shaw – pray for John’s recovery from shoulder surgery. The surgery went well; but it will be a relatively long recovery.
Mike Bryant – pray for Mike’s recovery from total knee replacement surgery on both knees this past Monday; he is currently at home;
Meghan Clamon (Cheryl Reynold’s daughter) who is going through various tests and treatments for symptoms which have not been officially diagnosed – pray for God’s presence and healing;
Ryan Danraj (son of Albert and Esther) please continue to pray for Ryan’s healing, for endurance through rehabilitation and for God’s presence with the entire family; Praise God that Ryan is back to work part-time
John Severs – pray for John’s recovery after shoulder surgery;
Beth Laughlin – Praise that Beth is gradually gaining strength in the wake of her recovering from sodium/fluid imbalance; pray for her emotional state
Tommy Glass (friend of Paul & Beth Childers with pancreatic cancer – in Duke Medical Center)
Karen Johnson (Kelly King’s aunt)
Ginny (friend of Kelly King diagnosed with cancer; she has been hospitalized recently for observation)
Janine Heitzenrater (Stage 4 Colon Cancer – pray for her to regain appetite; she is losing weight)
Betty Harmon (elderly neighbor of Candi Brown fell and broke wrist – hand and forearm are now numb)
Provisional Session and our next steps as a congregation

If you would like to add someone to the prayer list or would like to update a prayer concern, please contact Pastor Glen.

Halford Lucock (a former professor of preaching at Yale) commented, “I was impressed several years ago when I read the Eugene Ormandy dislocated a shoulder while directing the Philadelphia Orchestra. I do not know what they were playing, but he was giving all of himself to it! And I have asked myself sadly, ‘Did I ever dislocate anything, even a necktie?’” What have I ever dislocated because of my passion and zeal? What are you zealous about? We can be zealous but in all the wrong things. We can be zealous about our careers, our popularity, and our achievements (If you have been following the Olympics, the athletes competing are certainly zealous about their sport or event). We can be zealous about our families, we can be zealous about making money; we can even be zealous about participating in the church. But if we are not fully zealous for the Lord, if we are not completely zealous for growing in our relationship Jesus Christ; if we are not zealous for loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; if we are not zealous for making a difference in the lives of others by sharing our lives, as well as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, our zeal is all for naught. May we praying that God will increase our zeal, as we plan to participate in Power of HOPE Sunday on March 22nd!!